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food wood restaurant people

Our potion ingredients (liquids or powders) come in 2 dram vials. *Serums come in 1 dram vials*

Leaves come in pouches

None of the ingredients on our website are for consumption. All ingredients listed for potions and cures however none are for human nor animal consumption. Please do not cook or eat the serums. Serums are marked as toxic and should be handled with care. Edenzone Boutique is not responsible for misuse of the listed products.


wild (African)ginger powder-4.99
vitamin E oil -2.99

coconut oil-2.99

eucalyptus ( dried, ground)-2.99



shea butter oil-2.99

argan oil-2.99

dried dragon fruit-2.99

*itch serum* liquid-9.99
itch serum powder-9.99

jade plant-2.99

lemon tree leaves-2.99

Purple Heart powder -2.99

Wild ginger (African) powder-4.99

diatomaceous earth-2.99


castor oil-2.99

aloe Vera gel-2.99

peppermint oil 2.99

Black Jamaican Castor Oil-2.99

black cumin seed oil-2.99

arthritis oil-4.99

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