Shamanism: The best medical practices of the past and present

Gobekli Tepe” translated as “ the potbellied hill” has been dated to earlier than 10,000 BC. It’s noted as one of the oldest temple structures known to man.

Shamans place in time is now better understood

Recent discoveries of Shamanistic utensils found at Gobekli Tepe.

The sprawling complex is located in Northern Turkey and in what is known as The Northern Mesopotamia of the Holocene.
The temple complex is still being excavated with new evidence emerging yearly.
The most relevant information found at the site, is the evidence of what was done in the temple.
The evidence supports Shamanism on a large scale. The evidence supports a thriving hospital environment complete with religious center and canteen. Grains found in a large vessel at the site left the surprising hint of a beer brewery at Gobekli Tepe ! Apparently, The hospital at the pot belly hill was the place to be! Gobeckli Tepe may be one of the oldest metropolitan hospitals ran by Shamans.

Inside the Gobekli Tepe complex, evidence of Shamanistic rituals has been noted. This is just pinpoint of how long recorded Shamanism has been around.

Direct evidence include Shamans’ drawings carved in the stone columns, tools, and drinking/eating vessels were found!

Gobekli Tepe was deliberately buried by humans. Evidence at the site revealed human hands carefully placed stones and dirt to backfill Gobekli Tepe The fact being Gobekli Tepe was deliberately hidden,places of worship of the past. uncovered by todays archeological sleuths Gobekli Tepe May provided an lead to religion and medicine was like in 12000 BCE.

This one is a very significant fact. Shamans were here long before the Bible was written, and at least 5 thousand years before the Sumerians! In the legendary Babylonian literature “Inannas decent to the underworld” the star Inanna uses a Shaman to get to the underworld. This places Shamans back to the Garden of Eden … possibly before.,

The modern Bible is based on Sumerian tablets and scrolls’ reiterations. The text was thousands of years old before being skillfully conglomerated into the Bible. However Gobekli Tepe may predate the scrolls.
Gobekli Tepe boasts evidence indicating Shamanism predated farming, and a written language.

Monotheism was at first a forced concept. Most pre biblical tribes of humans were polytheistic before being forced to convert or die.

Shamans were being systematically exterminated. They’re villages were forced to convert and the medicinal herbs and healing ceremonies were coveted.

Todays medicines have root ingredients based on the formulas of those “godless” Shamans. Who knew? The very people that are persecuted and mocked by acedamia were serious medical practitioners, then and now. Murdered and burned alive ,who knew they were actually healing the patients!!! Probably the people doing the burning.

The placement of the tools, and the uses of tools have no bearing on the mental status of the Shaman. We can only speculate with a vessel, a drawing or some relic.
Ethno -archeologist aren’t able to directly access the actual spiritual components of any ancient Shamanic ceremonies. With the limited evidence available, there’s nothing etched in the stones proclaiming how well the practices worked.

10,000 years BCE, Gobekli Tepe predates a written language. There aren’t many records of successes or failures. However the teas and brews found to be linked with Shamans, witch doctors, voodoo practitioners and all the like, actually are still working. In retrospect, as I look at the whole picture it appears the Shamans were healers of their community Shamanic healers using age old herbs, age old ceromonies, were a revered people.
Those cured were considered a gift given to man by the creator to heal. It appears that maybe the “small fry”practitioners were banished and replaced.


In todays archeological writings Shamans are hardly ever mentioned as being effective. Yet the works they did, and the legacy the Shamans left are still alive, living on throughout time.

A vessel found at the Gobekli Tepe temple complex features a human figure with a birds face!!! I can think of countless example of bird headed beings in ancient history! for example Thoth, and Horus .,after all Thoth was an Atlantian Sage king!!!

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