A good look at Thoth, the Atlantean Sage king.

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He made very interesting statements in the Emerald tablets. The tablets were absolutely stunning themselves the information was priceless.

The Atlantean civilization is one of The major “ mythological” realms said to be lost somewhere here on earth. Other mythical realms such as Argartha, Olympia and others also have legendary Giants. Which brings me to the fact that Thoth was a giant, king that ruled ancient Egypt for around 15000 years.

Thoth spoke of his arrival into Egypt, he boast of using his technology to subdue the “inhabitants”. He invaded them!

person in creepy clown makeup
Thoth may have looked like this!!!!

A short bio of Thoth the Atlantean. Thoth the Atlantean, was said to be known by many names. But the most prominent is Hermes the thrice born.  a Divine Teacher known to have reigned in prediluvian time, as well as ancient Egypt. The autobiography of Thoth’s life is described in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth-the-Atlantean, which were discovered by M. Doreal in the pyramids of South America.


He’s said to have mastered the art of reincarnation! He and others have stated he was adept in reincarnation. He’s quite elaborate about this in one of his many writings known as the Emerald Tablets.

The emerald Tablets are dated back 36000 years BCE. Thoth an Atlantean priest, and builder of the great pyramid of Giza. ruled the land of Khem 50,000bce to 36000bce!


Introducing Thoth – The Atlantean Sage King, who built the great pyramids, and conquered death! I’m Inanna with Edenzone Boutique and I’m currently studying stories about Thoth, join me in The Convenient Rant forum.


He was considered as an immortal. some said he conquered death! Some called him the God of Wisdom!

Thoth is reported to have incarnated 3 times. In the third incarnation as Hermes the thrice born, he wrote the tablets and put them in the pyramid for safe keeping.

The tablets were found in the Mayan temple of the Sun God and translated in 1925, The tablet was not actually emerald. It’s called the emerald tablet because of the color of the tablet, it’s actually an alchemical tablet. The tablet was created of an alchemy unknown at present. So, let’s say that Thoth was truly an alchemist of all time! He created a chemical we can’t reproduce 36000 years later! That’s no laughing matter.

And What did Thoth Do??


A giant

Some beliefs

Thoth was the god of the moon, sacred texts, mathematics, the sciences, magic, messenger and recorder of the deities, master of knowledge, and patron of scribes. His Egyptian name was Djehuty, which means “He who is like the Ibis.” He was depicted as an ibis bird or a baboon.

World knowlegde

“children of light can’t be looked upon as normal humans they were larger than life”

The dweller

this quote sent out a message! Thoth may have been pretty profound in his knowledge and wisdom!

I’m no major historian, but I’m interested!,

His Famous Past Experiences

An Atlantean,
(36000 BCE)
As an Atlantean Thoth surely would have been large. Yes, the Atlantean race was a Giant Race. This is demonstrated in the genealogy of other giants. For example, the giant that David destroyed was Goliath. Goliath was described as an Atlantean. So its safe to say Thoth may have been an Atlantean thus the name! Thus with Giants being from Atlantis. It’s easy to see how he may have been giant. Also when Thoth wrote of humans he described them as smaller than himself.


Ruler of the land of Khem ( ancient Egypt)
50000-36000 BCE
Thoth ruled the land of Khem. For 15000 years.

Builder of the Pyramids at Giza
In the Emerald tablets he takes credit for the Giza pyramids.

Conqueror of death

Thoth may have been a necromancer as well as an alchemist. He appears to break all the rules! He stated that he had died and been reborn as many as three times.


Author of over 32000 tablets including The Emerald Tablets!!

I have partially described Thoth with just a few of the many things Thoth is known for. But I was just introducing Thoth to you. Now let’s further discuss the achievements he made and the warnings he gave to future generations of mankind! In conclusion, Do you think Thoth ate humans? After all, he was a giant!


Join the Covenant’s Rant and let dissect the Emerald Tablets in a group … together

I’m going to walk through the entire teaching of Thoth the Atlantean in the emerald tablets. He left several warnings which some would consider a gift. He also gave instructions on how to defeat the bondage of our earthly bodies. We will study this claim!

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