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Edenzone Pets and Supplies is a family oriented online and in person pet store. We’re located in Brundidge Alabama. We ship.

Currently ,we are making reservations for Budgerigar Parakeets which we have in the pet store. They’re $30. Call us at 334-787-5169 to purchase a Budgie. Budgies are the standard pet parakeet. They’re small and easy to care for. This makes budgie parakeets the perfect starter bird!

You can order them and pick up the bird at the pet store in Brundidge or we can mail them to you. Shipping is 80.00

Budgerigars for sale 30.00

Click this link to our birds for sale page for more info on Budgerigars

AKC Brittany, and AKC Wire Fox Terrier puppies at our pet store

Our French Brittany puppy is a male. He’s 750.00 . Reserving him is a 250.00 deposit. Our Brittany puppies will be ready to go for Valentines day.

Our Wire Fox Terrier puppies are 1000.00. Reserving one is a 350.00 deposit. Our Wire Fox Terrier puppies will be ready to go Around Feb 25th, 2021. We have 1 female puppy.

Blue and white budgies!

Register below for weekly updates on available pets.

Endlers Livebearer male
see prices below
Endlers Livebearers female

We’re expecting AKC Wire Fox Terrier puppies mid Januray 2021.

Use the registration form above to be contacted when the puppies are born.

Endlers Livebearers Options
1 pair $16.00 USD
1 trio(2 female,1 male) $21.00 USD
3 males $20.00 USD
1 female $10.00 USD
Lionhead Rabbits for sale!! Call Linda at 815-901-8049

Endlers Livebearers (Black Bar) for sale
Alpine pets cat scratch incline with catnip. 21.99
Puppies for Sale…

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Blue and white budgies for sale. Call us at 334-787-5169. In person and online.! Dismiss