The mythical magical power of the Shaman’s drum!

In today’s mystic world, the appeal of the Shamans drum is always present. What are they used for? Did the drum have magic? How were they created, and can they be found today are just a few of the questions many ask.

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The Shamans drum is said to have been made from wood of the “Huluppa”. The magical and mythical “Tree of life.”

In her excellent work on the ritual technique of the Siberian shaman Anna Leena Siikala writes, “The drum may be claimed to be the cen- trail symbol of shamanism, and without it a shaman is not a shaman” (Siikala 1978, 45)
The exact date of the first Saami is unknown, however references from earliest literary works such as “The Epic of Gilgamesh” an ancient Babylonian text, place the first Shaman’s drum back to the time when the tree of life grew in the garden of Eden. The Huluppa tree (tree of life) was said to grant everlasting life to anyone who ate of its fruit. According to this tale, Gilgamesh, a giant, helped Inanna rid the tree of life of 3 squatters, …. By chopping it down!!

The Shamans drum has been recorded in the earliest writings known to man.

Let’s take a look at just how long this drum is reported to have been around , discover early ceremonial significance of the drum, and how it was used.

As a “gift” Inanna gave him the drum Since the drum was made from the tree of life it was no ordinary drum. The drum called forth the spirits of the dead! The tale goes on to describe the wailing of the relatives of the dead. Relatives who were seeing the dead kinsmen walking about as Gilgamesh beat the drum through the streets of the city tended the dead!


So , according to Sumerian and Babylonian text, the Shamans drum dates to the beginning of humanity. The tree of life was said to have grown in the Garden of Eden.

The Tree of Life supposedly was planted and grew in the Garden of Eden when Enki resided there. Meaning, the tree of life predated humanity!

The first Shamans drum (Gilgamesh’s drum) is said to have been lost when it fell in a crack in the ground leading to the underworld.


“The shaman works with souls. The shaman has the ability to travel at will through a three-tiered universe – Lower World, Middle World, Upper World – that opens into a multidimensional cosmos. The shaman is a shape shifter, on intimate terms with the animal powers.  He can go beyond death and return. He helps to put souls where they belong. And he knows a few good tricks.”(Robert Moss at

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