Envision a magical Tarot card deck for every occasion

Eden-zone Boutique has 18 different tarot card decks. We’re sure you will find the right deck for your journey

Tarot decks

A visualization in light, a peak color, and a change in form. Created by nature with a collection of damaged rules and theories that I’ve acquired over the years. Each is available as a gift or the items on this site are not guaranteed to work. It’s a collection of ideas and intangible beliefs and practices. Nothing is implied to be used in a tangible life

The Modern Witch Tarot Card Deck

The modern Witch Tarot card Deck is a new take on an old idea. It features more ethnocentric pictures than other decks and this deck is small sized for easy carrying. It’s a great deck to have. Try it. 19.99 shipping included!


The Rider Classic Tarot Card Deck

The Rider Tarot Card Deck is a classic deck. It’s been around for quite some time.. This deck is a little larger than some of the other decks.



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