Edenzone Boutique’s Debut of it’s All natural “Wig Wash”!

plastic bottles on shelf

Here at Edenzone Boutique’s Apothecary our chemist is putting together an exciting new product.

The Wig Wash product is handmade, it’s designed to provide care for the scalp as well as the prosthetic.

brown wig and beret hat on a mannequin bust

It’s anti fungal and anti microbial as well.

Try our new wig Wash it’s designed for all types of hair natural braids, natural locks, wigs especially. And even permed hair. It’s a safe way to keep your scalp and wig in tip top shape!
See my complete video on what is black hair care today! Click the link below! (.99 download)

This is just one of the many products coming to you from Edenzone Boutique.

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