Reptile & Amphibian Supplies

Life Support for Reptiles!!

The few items we have on this page are what you may need if you purchase one of our reptiles. Or you may need them to take care of the existing pets you have. The products on this list have been tested and we give them a thumbs up.

Terrarium Liner

reuseable carpet


Reptile Intense basking light

see box


Flukers calcium supplement with vitamin d

calcium powder suppliment


Fluker’s Calcium Supplement

calcium powder supplement


Reptile Hide-large

9 inch reptile hide cave


Flukers Terrarium Clamp

reptile screen lock


Terrarium Decor, small

artificial mangrove root


Sun Glo basking light

Daylight basking light for reptiles and amphibians


Terrarium decor, small

artificial vine


Flukers Reptiliner Substrate

Terrarium liner, reusable washable liner for 10/20 gallon terrarium


7in reptile hide cave

7 inch cave for reptile hide


Daylight Blue Bulb

terrarium bulb


Reptile basking light

dessert reptile basking light


Reptile calcium

reptile calcium supplement with vitamin D


UVB Light small red

This small red UVB 3 light is just the right size to fit inside the terrarium


reptile water dish

this water dish is just deep enough for your reptile pet to take a dip without drowning


Tokay Gecko….Live!!

We currently have a 6 month old Tokay for sale here at the store. Please allow 2 weeks for shipping.


Flukers drip system

reptile drip system for water


Fluker’s Repti-bark Terrarium substrate

terrarium substrate


Zilla Coconut husk Brique

coconut husk terrarium substrate



Terrarium background

Terrarium decor shipping included



Calcium supplement, shipping included


Edenzone Pets & Supplies

We're a small family oriented pet store. We're novice breeders of a variety of puppies. Currently we have Brittany , and Wire Fox Terrier puppies. We're located in Brundidge, Alabama . We accept all major debit and credit cards. Call us at. 334-787-5169. Ask for Felicia. Email us at

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