Here at Edenzone Pets in Brundidge Alabama. We are into the new decade of 2020. The store is put together as a small group of in stock on the shelf items which are available online or in person locally here at Edenzone Pets and Supplies. We have reptile supplies, dog supplies, fish supplies and bird supplies. We re growing our inventory every day. And we strive to supply all you pets needs. We’ve ordered the no slip dog collars. Nylon leashes, ear cleaners, etc. Come visit Edenzone Pets and supplies

Nylon rabbit /cat or puppy leash

light weight leash for pets


generic aquarium suction pump

plastic manual aquarium pump


double head nylon leash

allows the user to walk two pets with one leash,lightweight pet up to 10 pounds rabbit/puppy/cat


UVA/UVB light

Small self ballasted UVA/UVB 3.0 light for reptiles and amphibians


reptile feeder/water dish

Small shallow dish for reptile and amphibians, leaf shaped


Fluval hydrometer, manual

manual hydrometer


Pedigree canned dog food

12 pk pedigree dog food


Hartz oatmeal dog shampoo

oatmeal shampoo for dog



Purina 9 lives cat food 12 pk

patte ,multiflavor


Purina 9 lives cat food

12 pk cans,multiflavor


Friskies variety pack,cat food

12 pk can variety Friskies


Fluker’s reptile drip system

reptile drip system waterer


Lambert Prozyme enzyme supplements

Shipping included




37 inch bird cage

Black bird cage for small to medium size birds shipping included


Zilla Coconut husk brick


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