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Hello everybody I’m Felicia. I’m the proud owner of Edenzone Boutique here in Brundidge Al.

At Edenzone we offer a variety of new and used items. We offer adult novelty products, pet products and gifts as well. Take a look through our site to see if there’s something you like for a friend, a pet or yourself!! We ship!
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Join us in ”The Covenant Rant” a chat room like no other! In ”the rant” we exchange ideas and chat about todays spiritualism pertaining to herbal healing, wicca, witchcraft and other forms of Shamanism. Just .99 a month for membership access to our sales and seminars. For just 2.99 a month connect with our forum, meet other members and add your profile to our group of others and finally for just 5.99 add your page, products, crafts and become an enrichment member of the site. You can host seminars and web classes through this membership.

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