Reptiles at Edenzone

We have a blue (orange dots) Tokay gecko for sale. He’s 6 months old. He’s 39.99


We have 2 young bearded dragons for sale. One female and one male.


We have 2 leopard geckos for sale. One male and 1 female. They’re 1 year old.

Puppies for Sale…

We currently have a large selection of reptile bulbs. They’re generic. Our low cost bulbs will help to minimize the cost of caring for your pet lizard or amphibian. Come by our store at 249 N Main St. in Brundidge Alabama.

We have 2 baby bearded dragons they’re male and female and absolutely adorable. They’re 59.99 click here to order your bearded dragon today.

Edenzone Pets & Supplies

We're a small family oriented pet store. We're novice breeders of a variety of puppies. Currently we have Brittany , and Wire Fox Terrier puppies. We're located in Brundidge, Alabama . We accept all major debit and credit cards. Call us at. 334-787-5169. Ask for Felicia. Email us at

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