Fish at Edenzone

We have many colors of guppies. Our colors include green dragon, blue cobra, yellow tiger, red flame, red dragon and lilac river delta as well!! They’re easy to care for and a great starter fish. The inexpensive care and enjoyment of a guppy is what draws adults and children alike to the guppy breed. I pair is all thats needed, they multiply. Our guppies are purebred for color display.

Guppies and Livebearers

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Black bar endlers

Betta fish

Here at Edenzone pets, we carry several types of Betta Fish. We have male and female fish available. We also sell an assortment of Betta tanks at low everyday prices.

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white female half moon bettas
  • Betta Fish food
  • Betta Tanks
  • Betta water conditioners and vitamins
  • Half Moon Betta fish-female
  • King Betta
  • Female King Betta
  • Half Moon Betta Fish-Male


We currently have baby gold gourami available for sale



Betta water conditioner

Water conditioning drops for Betta Fish, 2 oz shipping included


Aquarium decor

Small aquarium decor,shipping included


Aquarium filter

Small aquarium filter, shipping included


Swan aquarium decor

Set of swans for aquarium decor



Double Betta tank

Betta tank with double sides, shipping included


Bubble betta tank

Small tank looks like a bubble on the wall shipping included




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Aquarium and terrarium background, size small

Terrarium and aquarium backgrounds for 10 gallon tank


beautiful terrarium and aquarium backgrounds


Stay clear water clarifier

Water clarified shipping included


Fluval hygrometer

Saltwater hygrometer shipping included


Marina flexible tubing brush

Marina flexible tube brush shipping included


Instant ocean sea salt

Instant Ocean sea salt 50 gallons pick up only