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Just a wee reminder that our Spring Sale extravaganza comes to a close in just TWO days.

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Just a wee reminder that our Spring Sale extravaganza comes to a close in just TWO days.

If you’ve been wanting to study herbal medicine and are excited to join a community of like-minded plant peeps, our programs offer an herbal learning experience centered on sustainability—for people, the planet, and the plants.

Our courses are about establishing a relationship with the herbs you use for medicine—an alliance that yields connection with your local landscape, knowledge of nourishing wild foods and medicinals, and the skills to craft high-potency herbal remedies.

If you’re eager to forge botanical bonds, we have three programs that will make all your herbal dreams come true.


Stock Your Apothecary with the Online Medicine Making Course

Even if you’re a seasoned medicine-maker, you can bet your bottom flower that you’re going to gain all-new insights into the art (& science!) of handcrafting your very own herbal remedies in our 150-hour Online Medicine Making Course.

In addition to alchemizing the most medicinally-potent herbal preparations around, you’ll gain a foundational understanding of how plant medicines work and create your own inner circle of herbal allies.

The anise hyssop on top: if you aspire to start an herbal products business, our 44-page Herbal Livelihoods Guide—included in the course—will set you up for sweet success!

Save 20% on the Medicine Making Course

Become a Forager for Life with the Online Foraging Course

Are you ready to know and use the plants growing all around you? Our 375-hour Online Foraging Course will teach you everything you need to know to confidently identify, harvest, and prepare wild food + medicine with 21 of the most abundant and nourishing plants on the planet.

You’ll also gain the botany & plant identification skills needed to set you up for a lifetime of foraging new plants in new places—safely and sustainably.

Most folks like to bundle the Foraging Course with our Online Medicine Making Course, for extra skills and extra savings.

But don’t dilly-dally, the Foraging Course & Bundle are only available once a year and enrollment is closing April 5th!

Save 20% on the Foraging Course

Become an Herbalist with the Online Herbal Immersion

Our 1,000-hour Online Herbal Immersion is designed with the truly passionate plant person in mind. Encompassing all of the programs above and then some, the Immersion is THE most comprehensive online training in hands-on herbalism in the world.

Are you ready to dive deep? This course covers herbal materia medica, medicinal plant cultivation, wild food and medicine foraging, medicine making, plant I.D., herbal livelihoods, and so much more in 166 videos, 186 lessons, and a gorgeous 1,446 page course manual!

We’re also adding new content to this program all the time, which you receive as automatic upgrades.

Save 20% on the Immersion
Bonus! Printed course manuals are FREE for students in the US who pay tuition in full upfront. For students who enroll with the payment plan, tuition does not include the printed course manuals. However, the printed manuals may be ordered from our outside printing partner at an affordable price! ALL students also receive a free electronic manual upon enrollment.
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Juliet, Meghan, and the Chestnut Team

PS. We’ve had over 8,800 students in 55+ countries enroll in our online herbal courses. Take a peek at what some of them are saying…


“Taking this course was like lifting a veil. I can now see and explore the magic and power in every weed, flower and tree.” ~ Valerie Alcorn

“Being a student in this school is healing in itself.” -Marina C.

“The Chestnut School program was rigorous and packed with quality information without the pressure of a traditional in-person classroom schedule. It worked for me because I could attend around my work and life events, and when I needed help, they always came through with answers, ideas, and support. The flexibility and thorough attention to detail were the difference for me with Chestnut and other programs.”~ Rissa M.



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