The mythical magical powers of the Shamans drum

The first Shamans drum was given to Gilgamesh by the Goddess Inanna. She used the roots of the tree of life to fashion a drum and the tip of the tree of life to fashion a drumstick for Gilgamesh as a gift. 

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The uses of piezoelectric energy are vastly growing.

This PDF package includes 3 very relevant articles describing piezoelectric energy uses and future uses!


Dictionary of Deities and Demons (pdf download)

The Complete Dictionary of Deities and Demons. A much recommended book to use for references . The printout is listed as over 1000


Zero Enuma Elish pdf download


The Book of Urantia

The Urantia book download


The Book of Thoth

The Book of Thoth downloadable pdf.


The 14 Tablets of Enki

The complete description of the 14 tablets of Enki. However, the story is by Zakaria Sitchin who pieced together many texts of questionable origin to make the book. It’s still […]


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