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In Europe, freestanding blocks of soil, rather than peat pots or seed flats, are almost universally used for starting vegetable and flower seeds. No containers are needed. To make the soil blocks, just fill a blocker with thoroughly moistened potting mix, set the blocker on a seed flat, and release. With one stroke you’ll create multiple soil blocks, each with a small depression in the top for the seed. When the seedlings are ready, plant them in the ground or bring them along further by dropping the soil blocks into openings in the tops of larger soil blocks. It’s important to keep the soil blocks well watered with a fine mist. Imported from England, these soil blockers are the highest quality on themarket.

This Set Includes: the Mini 4 Soil Blocker, the Micro 20 Soil Blocker, and Cubic Inserts for the Mini 4 Soil Blocker. Ladbrooke has created some of the most eco-friendly tools that will provide a high rate of germination and easy blooming.

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