How to Support Your Cat’s Health

Cat with a healthy microbiome playing

Your cat’s diet and nutrition can affect many other aspects of their health and wellbeing. Good nutrition and supplements can help maintain the balance of the “good” and “bad” gut bacteria.


When there’s an imbalance in your cat’s diet , it can affect their digestive health, their immune system’s ability to fight infections and more. Working with your veterinarian to identify the cause(s) of the imbalance is important. They can help you select the right supplements to help restore balance and maintain your cat’s future nutritional balance.

How Do I Help My Cat Maintain a Healthy Gut?

Genetics, environment and medication play a significant role in the composition of your cats’ digestive system.Food can also have a major impact on their digestive health.


It’s always important to talk with your veterinarian whenever switching cat foods. Ask them about the best formulas for gut health, particularly cat foods featuring probiotics and prebiotics. See what they suggest and adjust accordingly. 

Benefits of Probiotics for Cats

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that help your cat’s digestive systems thrive. They support the gut’s ability to produce vitamins and fatty acids, which aids in overall immune function. Probiotics also help the immune system fight back against harmful bacteria within the digestive system.

Probiotics can also help restore balance in the digestive tract. Sometimes imbalances are due to medication, stress or illness.

Prebiotics are plant fibers that stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria within the digestive system. They are a food source for the “good” bacteria in the digestive tract.


You can also find prebiotics in several human food sources such as yogurt. It is important to talk with your veterinarian about what is best for your cat.

Talk to Your Veterinarian 

Talk with your veterinarian about any concerns with your cat’s digestive health. They can examine your cat and let you know if a cat food formulated with probiotics can help.

Whenever you transition to a new food, do it over several days to avoid digestive upset and give your cat time to adjust.


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