Even in today’s society, Quassia wood extract is still one of the best incredibly ancient all natural, laxatives.

Throughout time Quassia Amara has aquired many names! Check the list below for a few:

Amargo, Bitter-Ash, Bitter Wood, Bitterwood, Bois Amer, Cuasia, Écorce de Quassia, Jamaican Quassia, Palo de Cuasia, Pao Tariri, Picrasma, Picrasma excelsa, Quassia amara, Quassia Amer, Quassia Bark, Quassia de Jamaïque, Quassia de Surinam, Ruda, Surinam Quassia, Surinam Wood.

Quassia has been used throughout the world for thousands of years. It’s known for various health benefits. Visit Edenzone Boutique at edenzone.net for mor information on the amazing health benefits of Quassia Amara!!


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