Excite your bird with this tantalizing activity center

By PennPlax

We sell both sizes of the Penn Plax bird activity center at Edenzone pets. The playstation provides both exercise and entertainment for medium-size birds. This bird gym is easy to assemble. Made with 100% cotton ropes, colorful wooden perches, ladders, swings, copper bells and acrylic toys. Place it on top of the cage to give your pet bird a fun change of scenery and encourage activity

Size small 24.99plus shipping

Large Pennplax Bird Perch for medium birds

size large -34.99

everything is included except the pet birds!

Edenzone Boutique -the best esoteric gift shop online.

Bird Activity Center (large)

3/4 inch perch width,sturdy ladder and bell for entertainment. 9.99 shipping added to price


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