The Nature’s Aquaponic vase at Edenzone Boutique


Keeping a Betta fish in a vase with a live plant, is an popular practice. Betta fish are a colorful, tropical species of freshwater fish. Because they are highly territorial, the males are frequently transported or housed in small isolated containers. Edenzone Boutique carries several types of Betta bowls. We have the Natures Aquaponic, the Aqueon Betta Bowl, and the led lighted Betta Vase.

Once you have chosen a vase. Take the opportunity to collect other items to put in your vase with your Betta. Most people include a live plant, a tray, and gravel.

  • The most commonly used plant is a Peace Lily, (Spathiphyllum). Spathiphyllums are used because they are tropical plants that are not toxic to Bettas. They require little sunlight and water to survive.
  • Betta fish like to jump. You will need a tray that will sit above the surface of the water to keep your Betta from jumping out of the vase. Bettas will come to the surface and gulp air so keep the tray above the actual surface of the water.
  • Any type of gravel or rocks should rinsed before using. Be sure they are clean and free of any chemicals. Glass beads or marbles work as well.
  1. Change the water regularly. The water in the vase needs to be changed every day. Because the vase is unfiltered, waste and other by-products from the fish and plant build up in the water.  To change the water, you will need to temporarily relocate your fish to another, clean container. You can use water in the tank to fill the container. Empty the vase of all water and fill with filtered tap water or bottled drinking water. Allow the tank to reach room temperature before returning your Betta.

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