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Esoteric Jewelry

Edenzone Boutique offers the latest in esoteric jewelry.

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Tarot Card readings

Edenzone offers full readings services via eletronic, phone or even Zoom for the full psychic experience!, 3 card phone readings (paid) 3 card zoom meetings (paid) 7 card zoom meeting (paid), 12 card reading vis zoom (paid) and full fortune reading via zoom (paid)

The Covenant Rant Forum!!

The Covenant Rant Forum is a special meeting place for everyone who would like to comment and read comments made by other special people. Whether you’re an abductee, wiccan, oracle, empath, or witch, psychic, it doesn’t matter. The Covenant Rant would like to hear what you have to say. Your experiences, your laughter and your rants! Join us at the Covenant Rant forum!!

Wiccan supplies

Edenzone Boutique offer a small selection of supplies such as Tarot Cards, Dolls , Spells, etc.. see more..

3 card tarot reading by Zoom
  • A live zoom meeting (3 minutes)
Live 5 card tarot reading by Zoom
  • Tarot reading by Zoom (5 minutes)
Enrichment member of the Covenant
5.99 mo
  • post forums
  • host webinars and podcast
  • host zoom meetings
Covenant leader
  • post foums
  • host webinars, podcasts and zoom meetings
  • post your products and crafts for sale
  • creat your own page within the site to sell products and crafts
  • Join the site. Participate in the Covenant Rant Forum!
Covenant Member
  • Join the site. Participate in the Covenant Rant Forum by starting Rants and posting topics! With this membership you have access to the Witch’s Caldron at the Apothecary. The witch’s Cauldron is a list of specialized pages for the wicca community.

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